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1042 Lumiere 20 Pantyhose-Silk

Fogal Lumiere 20 Pantyhose-Silk (1042). These semi-opaque, sheer pantyhose has a high silk content which makes them silky smooth. The properties of silk also has optimum temperature control for an exceptionally soft feel. Features the Lycra spandex

1051 Clelia Seamed Tights

Fogal Clelia Seamed Tights (1051). Stunning, fabulous, and sexy set of tights with gorgeous details from one of the world’s finest hosiery brands. Italian-made with a soft blend of nylon and spandex. Fine weight with a sheer look. Contrast back

1068 Dila Pantyhose

Fogal Dila Pantyhose (1068). Step up your look before you step out with these divinely detailed hose from Fogal. Swiss-made of a fine blend of nylon and spandex. Sheer hose with a fine fishnet construction. Flocked velvet Art Deco pattern across

13059 Alyssia Tights

Wolford Alyssia Tights (13059). Underscore your cold weather dresses and tunics with these pointelle knit tights, made of viscose rayon, polyamide (nylon) and silk knit. Warm knit tights feature an open pointelle pattern. Soft ribbed knit waistband.

14415 Ombre Tights

Wolford Ombre Tights (14415). Add a wow factor your outfit with the feel of refined luxury and the chic sophistication of these tights. The rich color tones are complimented with a brilliant, shimmering effect. Alternating rib-knit pattern lengthens

14418 Niki Tights

Wolford Niki Tights (14418). Draw attention to your legs by wearing these checkerboard tights with miniskirts or dresses. Soft, stretchy waistband conforms to your body without feeling snug. Non-control top. Knit-in crotch lining. Top is sheer,

14419 Shania Tights

Wolford Shania Tights (14419). Strut your stuff in these sensuous tights, featuring a clever interplay of opaque and sheer knits. Made of polyester/polyamide/elastane. Wide, soft knit-on waistband. Opaque knit top gives the look of panties with

14421 Olivia Tights

Wolford Olivia Tights (14421). These clever tights feature a thigh-high dotted pattern with a “bow” at center front. Made of polyamide/polyester/elastane. Soft, tall stretch waistband. Sheer top “panty”. Sewn-in knit crotch gusset for movement.

14424 Zip Tights

Wolford Zip Tights (14424). Zip it – zip it good! These opaque sexy tights feature flexible, soft faux zippers at center back legs. Made of polyamide (nylon)/elastane. Soft, tall stretch knit waistband. Sewn-in crotch gusset for movement. Opaque

14429 Pippa Tights

Wolford Pippa Tights (14429). Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…even when adorning her hosiery! These refined tights feature a diamond pattern from the upper thigh to toes. Made of polyamide (nylon)/spandex. Soft stretch knit waistband. Panty area

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